Monday, July 4, 2011

Random photos~

     While going through the pile by the computer that seemingly expands when I'm not looking:  

1.  Spare camera disk.  I decided to see if anything was on it and was surprised to find these~
Both daffodil photos were taken during the 2009 (I think) season in Mt. Vernon, WA.  It was quite difficult weather for photography, being very hazy.  My friend, Karen and I spent the day in the area, exploring.  These were the only daffodils we found, because for the most part I remember it being a tulip kind of day.  Or maybe it was the other way around, and we wanted tulips and only found daffodils.  Must ask Karen...
This guy was having a lesson in how to control your paraglider.  While we had lunch and beach combed on the shore of Padilla Bay, we enjoyed watching the strong winds challenge him.  We were at Bay View State Park, which is east of Mount Vernon.
In keeping with the random theme of this blog, this was taken outside Issaquah, probably also in 2009.  I love the way the foggy clouds seem to grow right out of the mountainsides.  And in the Puget Sound area, you simply cannot beat Issaquah for fall color.  Right at the doorstep of the Cascade Mountains, it's an amazing place to play and live.  Why don't I live there, you ask?  It's proximity to Microsoft and other software companies make it very expensive, even during an economic downturn.  I live in fairly close proximity to the Sound, and you really can't beat that, either.

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