Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Blue Pete

We were trying to find the Harley Davidson dealership in Las Vegas, and feeling pretty scattered and confused. We wound up turning around in the back parking area of the Rio hotel. That is where we ran across The Blue Pete. Fully on board now with my drive by photography, Pete said, take a photo, take a photo! I also wish I had taken a photo of the guy who was pushing a baby in a stroller back and forth across an otherwise deserted part of the lot. Strange...

Imagine how much more cool this photo would have been if I had taken the time to place the tomato in the picture!  Fact is, I was so whacked out by the very state of being that Las Vegas brings upon you that I never even thought of it.
The front side of the Rio, in true drive by fashion.  I'm saying it again...Las Vegas fried my brain.

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