Monday, April 18, 2011

Not THAT kind of tripping!

Although I do have fond memories of THAT kind of tripping, the Tomatoes trip in the more traditional manner. Riding along in a car, preferably in the cooler, they are mainly along for the ride...

Commenting on the events of the day, hanging in there and trying to preserve their freshiosity, or posing on the odd sign, they always have a saucy point of view.

In a nod to what was reportedly Jerry Garcia's favorite movie of the 60's, I made it out to Zabriskie Point while visiting Death Valley National Park. Having slipped and fallen on my *** while visiting the salt flats earlier in the day, the slog up the hill to the viewing area was not fun...ouch my knee, and ouch the hip I landed on.

When I saw, really SAW this place, I got it. That's all. I got it.

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