Friday, April 22, 2011


This sculpture and Santa Fe caboose are at the Grand Canyon Harley-Davidson dealership in Bellemont, Arizona. I am thinking that the sculpture is a memorial to someone (wait, I shall call them and find out!)(this is what a telephone is for!).

After calling three Arizona dealerships, I finally located the one I needed. I thought we had stopped at the Prescott dealership, but no. They directed me to the Mayer dealership...and yet another no. The Bellemont dealership is it. I'm glad I asked...the guy who made it just loves creating things.

I stop at Harley dealerships anytime I go to a new part of the country. Christy (I love you, Christy!) takes care of my daughter (who has down syndrome) while I am gone. She has three kids (ok they are young adults now) with DS, rides a Harley, and collects dealer pins. Theresa at this dealership helped me find four different pins to take to Christy. Theresa, btw, was a truly kindred soul, to whom I wish the best of luck in her new job!

While I check out the pins and poker chips, Pete caresses and croons to the Harley's in the shops. I will not be surprised at ALL if he buys a Harley one of these days...he surely does want one.

I am sad to report that our tomato did not make it this far into the trip...can we all say, buy a plastic tomato?

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  1. All those "standard" mufflers needed something done with them!